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General Pool Training

Scheduled Tuesday evenings

New Paddlers & members, this is your chance to learn important skills in a CLEAN easy environment - and the POOL is HEATED (27 deg.)
Don't miss out!

Canoe polo continues every Tuesday evening during semester after this.

Who's it for: Open to all club members - ONLY (you need to have joined the canoe club first (you can do this online just before, and bring the printed forms on the night). However, you do not have to have completed any new club member inductions to attend.
Meeting time: 7:45 PM on scheduled Tuesday evenings below
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $10 members (members only, unless specifically invited)
Location: University of Queensland Pool (UQ Building 27 or picture)
Purpose: Training, general skills development, skill building, & fun.

Here's a chance to learn and practice a variety of skills. These training sessions are very useful for all kayaking, but are slanted toward polo.

  • Basic paddle strokes (stop, start, sweep strokes, reverse sweep strokes, steering without a rudder)
  • Wet exits
  • Bracing, edging, and sideways paddling
  • T-rescues (whitewater) also called Eskimo rescues (in Sea kayaking)
  • Possible rolling practice
Trainer: Various capable club members

SEMESTER 1 2018 - Next General Pool Training Sessions

  • Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 7:45 PM to 9:30 PM - General training for all club members
  • Tuesday 6th March 2018 7:45 PM to 9:30 PM - General training for all club members
  • Tuesday 13th March 2018 7:45 PM to 9:30 PM - General training for all club members and Intro to canoe polo
  • Tuesdays after these dates are primarily for canoe polo, but similar training sessions will run regularly in the shallow end for those wanting to build their skills. Some nights there will be for other kinds of sessions in the shallow end (e.g. rescue training, rolling, freestyle). You can also mix training with trying out canoe polo. Maybe you'll discover a latent interest in polo (like many others have done before you), or simply realise that polo is a great way to build your skills for other disciplines!

    As long as canoe polo sessions are held at the UQ pool, there is space for any club members to come along and practice in the pool alongside polo training. All club members are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts (use it or lose it). Experienced club members are available to help you improve your skills.

    Self-practice is also open to Australian canoeing members (e.g. members of other AC affiliated canoe clubs), but this must be pre-arranged prior to arrival at the pool, and only on polo evenings (not the general pool training sessions listed here).

    Sessions run from 7:45 PM to 9:30 PM (we are gone by 10 PM after clearing up).

    What to bring

    • Towel and swimming gear (there are shower facilities at the pool)
    • Money to put toward pool costs.
    • Please pay and sign the form at the start of the night. Each member must sign on individually.
    • Membership form printouts and proof of payment if you have not handed these in

    The club subsidises the pool hire, so the more people that take advantage of these sessions, the more sessions we can afford to hold.

    LM: Feb 2018