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Sea kayak Safety Note

Sea kayak Safety Note

Kayaking in the ocean and on lakes and rivers attracts an element of risk. Always follow the Queensland Transport boating safety regulations as covered on their website and in the official guide.

The club provides important items of safety equipment Class 2 PFDs, flare kits, bilge pumps and backup split paddles.

Make sure you check the sea kayak grading scales, training, and associated equipment you should have.

Properly plan trips and attain the appropriate information, namely maps and weather forecasts. Local waters can become quite treacherous in conditions of storms and high winds. Undertaken progressively more challenging trips and be sure to inform some one of expected return dates and when to notify the coast guard of an over due return. A list of sea kayaking gear (including safety gear is here)

Check weather conditions and forecasts before departing on a trip.

The Bureau of Meteorology website is an excellent resource.
Brownie's Coasthwatch web page also has useful information on local waters.