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Use of Log books

Club members are strongly encouraged to maintain simple paddling log books detailing their training, paddling sessions, and trips. While you could simply use a school exercise book bought from your newsagent/supermarket. It is better to use a spreadsheet, or if you have a smart phone use the paddle log app.

Log books serve a number of purposes.

  • Activity record - useful if, at some point in the future, you wish to show your experience to -
    • indicate your skill level to a trip organiser so that they will feel happy to have you join a trip
    • show your commitment should you ask the club to subsidise any formal training and certification
    • contribute your prior experience toward some sort of certificate
  • Training record - showing how regularly you are training and what type of training
  • Personal record - maintain a personal record of your paddling experiences and trips

You might think about including the following information. If you use a spreadsheet, use a format that you can potentially import into a logbook app (see the paddle log app format).

  • Session number
  • Date and times
  • Destination
  • Purpose
  • Canoe/kayak used
  • Conditions
  • Participants
  • Leader / trainder / organiser
  • General comments
  • Signature

Get your buddy, trainer, or leader to sign your log book

LM: Mar 17