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A great collection of step by step instructions demonstrating good paddling and rescue techniques. The animations are really good. Use it to improve your technique and develop your abilities.

Paddling Information

With input from Queensland Canoeing

A long list of rolling techniques complete with diagrams and instructional video.

A great collection of sea kayaking articles. Improve your knowledge and skills.

Weather Links

General Links

Started by an ex-club member. Link up to a wider world of out door activities, experience, ideas, and people.

Shops & Hire

Website: brizyakkayakhire.com

Website: www.goodtime.com.au

Website: www.adventureoutlet.com.au
Contact: www.adventureoutlet.com.au/contact_us.htm

Tech Information

Electrical connexions on your boat need to be waterproof. For this you need IP67 or IP 68 rated gear. Suppliers include -
  • RS online (Australia) - large catalogue of electrical components, including IP67/68 grades

Some kayak parts can be harder to find. Suppliers include -
  • UES (international) Pty Ltd - http://www.uesint.com
    Replacement rubber hatch seals (e.g. dagger or Sequel sea kayaks). Non-slip rubber tape, rubber rollers, and rubber buffers. Also a variety of other (non-marine) specialist components.