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  1. Do I have to be a University of Queensland student to join the club?
    No. The club is open to anyone over 18 years of age and older. As part of our UQ affiliation, we are required to have a certain percentage of members who are ordinary members (i.e. UQ students, UQ alumni, UQ staff, etc). Limits may be applied if this became an issue.
  2. How much does it cost to join?
    Prices vary for students and non-students. Current costs are summarised here.
  3. Do I have to become a member to be able to use the club equipment?
    Yes. For insurance reasons you must be a financial member to use our equipment.
  4. Do I have to be a member of UQ sport to join the club?
    From 2007 you do not need to be a member of UQ Sport.
  5. Where is the club located?
    The club boatshed is located on MacGregor Drive, Building 30, on the banks of the Brisbane River opposite the athletics track and right next to the dive club and water ski club.
  6. How much does it cost to take out a boat for a paddle on the river?
    Nothing, Zero, Zilch, Zip, absolutely free.
  7. The Brisbane river looks horrible. Is it dangerous?
    The river has a lot of sediment which makes it look bad. It is also tidal (ie salt water) and lined with mangroves. It is normal/healthy for mangroves and the associated mud to smell (hydrogen sulphide is given off). The river is also frequented by Bull sharks. Attacks on swimmers have been reported in the past 200 years, but are very rare. Of more interest is what you can't assess visually. Since the 2010 floods, the city council has monitored the water quality. The club advises that paddlers should avoid local creeks and their mouths - particularly Oxley and Norman Creeks (and it is probably worth avoiding Toowong creek as well). Latest enterococci test results are available here. The biggest danger is other boats (such as the citycats) - so keep to the sides.
  8. Can I take a boat and equipment away for weekends or extended trips?
    Absolutely, but you must book (see the club rules) and you must follow club procedures. Email must be sent, and a written record of what was taken kept in the shed. If there is no record, the club may treat the equipment as stolen. If equipment is missing, the club will lodge an insurance claim which means a police report is made. Boats cannot be booked if they are required for a club organised activity which take priority. A contribution for wear and tear is required to help with the upkeep of the boats and equipment.
  9. If the gear is lost or damaged do I have to pay for it?
    If you sign out club gear and any of it is lost, you will have to pay for the replacement of that item.
    If you sign out gear and it is damaged, you will not be required to pay unless it is shown that the gear was used in a negligent manner, in which case you will be required to contribute to the cost of repair or replace the item. Please contact the equipment officer or club secretary as soon as possible because time limits apply to any insurance claims (see below).
  10. What about insurance?
    Insurance is taken out via UQ sport as part of our affiliation. Details are available from UQ Sport. Note that there are time limits. Please also contact the club secretary if you wish to make a claim or have any queries. You must be a financial member of the club
  11. I want to paddle to/from the University in my own boat. Can I store my boat in the club shed? Can I use a club boat for this?
    Unfortunately this is not permitted. Space in the shed is at a premium, and we typically do not have space for additional boat storage. Only club boats are insured, and the club cannot accept responsibility for the loss or use of private equipment stored there by members. In addition, the club is not able to prevent use of the equipment by other members, or stop equipment becoming mixed up with the club's.
    You are encouraged to lobby UQ sport and/or the university to provide boat storage points if you wish to commute using your own kayak. It is not permitted to commute to and from the University using a club boat.
  12. I found an event that I would like to participate in, but am not sure if my experience level is up to par, what should I do?
    We attempt to make most events things that the person with the least common experience can easily participate on, but some trips may require an advanced level of boat handling.
    Please see the particular event for the level of experience required to participate and make sure to accurately portray your level of experience at that particular event when signing up. This way, the organiser can better plan the trip to accommodate you.
  13. I have an idea for an event that I may or may not want to organise. Who should I contact?
    Great! We are always looking for new event ideas, whether or not you'd like to organise it. Since we are a club run entirely voluntarily by the members for the members, we always want to know what exactly you want to do. Contact the committee and discuss your idea with them.
  14. Can anyone organise an event?
    Yes, currently, all we ask for is that you are a) enthusiastic, b) have some experience organising/leading, c) have completed the event previously, d) be a member, and e) have prior committee approval. Events are listed on the club website.
  15. Can I lead a club sea kayaking trip?
    Unfortunately not everyone can lead club trips due to insurance and liability. If you feel that you have adequate experience or qualifications and would like to lead some trips please contact the club committee .
  16. How do I volunteer to help out with the club?
    It's easy to help out. We keep our notice board (located inside the boat shed) updated with our current needs. Let us know how you'd like to help, and we'll get you started. Express your interest to a committee member. Thanks for your interest!!! Remember its your club, the more people that contribute, the more enjoyable the club.
  17. Who do I contact if I want to take a boat out for a trip?
    If you are paddling on the river, you only need to sign the register by the door. However, if you want to take a boat away from the river for a trip then you must follow the procedures. Your first contact should be with the borrowing email. It isessential that club rules and procedures be followed.
  18. What if I don't want to sign the club waiver?
    If you do not understand, agree to, or sign the club waiver, you will be unable to participate in club activities and events. This is for the club's protection and safety, and we appreciate your hassle-free signature. Alternatively, look for another club :)
  19. Where is the club constitution?
    The constitution can be downloaded by clicking on this link
  20. What if I have any questions?
    Feel free to contact enquiries or any of the club executives listed here.
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