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Come and Try

It is possible for non-members (ie club visitors) to come to the club, see what it has to offer, and go for a short paddle on the river.

You are only allowed one session, and there are two ways to do this.

Attend a club "come and try day" (beginning of semester)
These are typically scheduled for the first (or second) Saturday morning of the University semester. It is a good chance to socialise with club members and find out about the club. Come and try days are advertised on the main page of the website when scheduled. Participants are still required to complete both on-water and off-water club inductions.

Attend an club on-water induction. (most Semester Saturdays)
These are one hour sessions run on most Saturday mornings during semester. Participants are introduced to paddling on the river. Visitors are welcome to come along and learn a little about the club and go for a paddle. All new members are required to complete this induction as part of becoming a member. Visitor participants are still required to complete an off-water induction after they join the club.

Induction information and session times are listed here.

Visitors are required to sign a club waiver (this does not constitute membership of the club), provide some personal and emergency contact information, and agree to the club rules. You must be over 18 years of age and be able to swim to participate.