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Murray River Marathon
Club members completing the 404km Murray River Marathon


Flatwater canoeing is one of the best-known competitive canoeing disciplines in Australia. This is probably due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games since 1936 and Australia''s involvement in all Olympics from the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Flatwater canoeing is about speed on flat water over distances of 200 metres, 500 metres and 1000 metres. The craft that have developed are sleek and fast but unstable. The UQ Canoe Club has an extensive range of racing boats to suit paddlers of all skill levels including those competing at national and international level.


Not all flatwater is short distance. Other races are much, much longer, and may even take days to complete. This includes the Brisbane Valley 100 Race (100 km down the Brisbane river), and the Murray River Marathon in Victoria (404 km) - the longest annual race in the world. In addition to challenging enthusiastic paddlers from the club, these marathons have enabled members to raise hundreds of dollars for worthy charities.

Seasonal weekly races

At various times over the year, the club runs a seasonal racing series that run every week for a month or few.



If needed, there is a selection of carbon fibre racing paddles for members to use when training or racing.