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Equipment Hire

The club does not allow partners and non-financial members to use club equipment. This is for several reasons.
  • Non-members are not covered by insurance
  • Club equipment is not covered by insurance when used by non-financial members
  • The equipment is then unavailable for financial members
  • The equipment may be damaged or worn, reducing its availability, usefulness, or safety for financial members
  • The club does not hire gear for tax and insurance reasons
For those club members with partners and friends who are not current financial club members, here is a list of commercial sea kayak hire operators in and around Brisbane (or look in the phonebook and on the internet). Consider having them join the club.

  • Goodtime Surf & Sail, 29 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba 3391 8588
  • Natureline, 1/15 Administration Road, Murarrie, Qld. 3390 4106
Use club gear for yourself and hire from outside sources for friends and partners - it's still cheap.

Note that if you take kayak equipment away on unofficial trips, you are responsible for its care, transport and return (it is not insured under those circumstances).

Information about borrowing club equipment by financial members is available here.

LM: July 17