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Equipment Borrowing Procedures

Full borrowing instructions are attached to the front and back of the borrowing diary in the club shed. A copy of these instructions can be viewed and downloaded here. A summary follows below

Borrowing Procedures
A diary and email booking system is used to reserve and borrow club equipment for off-campus trips. Equipment includes sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks, flatwater kayaks, canoes, or camping equipment.

  1. Non-members (e.g. your friends or partner if they are not financial members) are not allowed to use club equipment.

  2. The equipment is your responsibility. By borrowing it you indemnify the club for its loss and/or repair. You are advised to seek insurance that covers roof rack contents. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for information about damage (items 8-9).

  3. Borrowing equipment for private use is a privilege and not a right of membership. If you do not follow the procedures or if you cause unnecessary problems, then this privilege will be withdrawn. Club representatives may exert the right of the club to refuse borrowing of boats (eg to protect the boats from potential loss or damage). The club rules are clear and strict and failure to adhere to these may result in termination of membership.

To reserve and borrow equipment, you must -

    • fill out the borrowing book located on the desk in the club shed. Enter the following information into the book (write clearly!)
      1. Name of each BOAT and the full name of the club MEMBER borrowing EACH boat
      2. Contact information: Email and contact phone number
      3. List extra equipment (paddles, PFD, helmet, tow rope, pump, etc)
      4. Dates
      5. Destination & intended use
    • EMAIL the borrowing email with the same information required for the book
    • Try to book at least one week in advance as it may take time to obtain permission
    • NOT book out equipment if an official club trip is planned for the same day/s (club trips take precedence even if you booked before the trip was planned).
    • NOT book out equipment if it is already booked on the same day(s) by another club member

    • Do NOT take equipement without prior email permission from club representatives (via email).
    • Record ALL club gear actually taken in the borrowing book (use the codes). Any gear that is removed and not recorded is effectively stolen - and this will be the view of the club and insurers (and police).
    • You will require your own roof racks. The club does have a few cradles and tie downs that may fit your racks (please arrange beforehand). Cradles or foam paddling is required for all kayaks with cradles preferred for fibreglass boats.
    • The club has a trailer is for club trips only and NOT FOR PRIVATE TRIPS, unless an exemption has been granted by the committee (this unusual).

  3. Return Gear
    • Ensure equipment is properly cleaned and washed (especially any mud/salt/sand).
    • Tick the returned gear off in the borrowing book as it is returned so you don't forget anything.
    • Gear must be returned in a timely manner as soon as is practicable after use. Record the date of return.
  4. Pay the wear and tear charge
    Record the relevant details on the envelope and place in the box in the shed (see instructions on borrowing book in shed and in the file linked at top of this page).

Safety equipment is available free. Please let use know if you have used any of it (eg first aid items). You should familiarise yourself with the contents of the first aid kit(s) if you plan to use them and make sure they have the items you think that you will need.

The borrowing email will respond to any difficulties or questions you have in regard to equipment availability and procedures.


  • Do not take equipment/boats that is/are already booked.
  • The first entry in the book takes precedence (ie first in first serve).
  • Club events take precedence over private trips (even if club events are organised after you have booked)
  • Do not borrow any Green Ant, Fire Ant, or Cougar TK1s. These are too fragile and are only for use on the river unless special permission is granted (eg needed for racing)
  • Check/update the equipment damage list on the board for known issues with the gear.

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