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Costs of joining the club

Joining UQ Canoe club (required)

Three types of membership are available
  • Ordinary membership: $90 (fulltime UQ student) or $130 (others)
    Membership turns over at the end of March of a given year. If you join in January or February, your membership lasts until the end of March of the following year (i.e. up to 15 months of membership). If you join after March, membership lasts until March of the following year.

  • Semester membership: $60 (fulltime UQ student) or $75 (others)
    Membership commences on the date membership is approved by the Management Committee and ends three weeks after the end of the nominated University of Queensland semester date.

  • Life membership: Awarded by club
    At the discretion of the club committee, and with the approval of the club members, life membership may be offered to eligible members of over 10 years standing. It commences on the date it is awarded at a general meeting of members and continues until the person's death, or the member resigns from the membership.
To be eligible for personal accident insurance (via UQ sport), you MUST be a financial member of the Canoe club. Without this you cannot participate in club activities (other than one off trial paddles, come and try days, and (if a member of Australian canoeing) canoe polo sessions).

Costs of Joining Affiliate Organisations (optional)

Australian Canoeing membership
Members are encouraged to become Australian Canoeing members. This provides an additional source of insurance coverage. It also enables members to more easily participate in other club or Australian/Queensland canoeing events, and allows them to join secondary canoe clubs if they wish.
Another way to join Australian canoeing is to join an additional affiliated club that insures its members via Australian canoeing (The UQ canoe club insures via UQ sport instead as this is in most of its members' interest). In the case of clubs such as the Queensland sea kayak club, membership is not much extra than joining AC directly, and for some members this complements a UQCC membership.

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