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Whitewater Trips 2013

Please check the basic trip requirements and information at the bottom of this page

An Australia Day whitewater weekend is planned at Goolang (near Grafton in NSW).
Cost: $10/day wear and tear charge for boat use, $8 for camping and about ?$40/50 for petrol (~1000 km round trip)
Meet: at the boat shed. Departure times depend on which cars you are going in. Consult with Niall and drivers by email. Most people will leave on Friday 25th January.
Return: depart Goolang around lunch time on Monday.
Contact: Niall - whitewater representative

Things you'll need -

  • The water will be cold, and you will get wet (i.e. swimming). Bring swimming clothing that will keep you warm (eg thermals or wetsuit). Avoid wearing cotton as it will not be effective in keeping you warm when you are wet. Also bring a towel and a dry change of warm clothing for afterwards.
  • Footwear that can get wet (not thongs).
  • Normal camping clothing (don't forget the jumper).
  • Camping gear - the club has some gear (tents, stoves, sleeping mats, bags), so let me know what you need, and we can arrange it. Torch
  • Food - you will be doing plenty of exercise, so bring plenty of food. If you can get into small groups for cooking, it may be easier
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent (the bugs can be vicious), Water bottle (but you don't need water)
If you can drive, and take passengers, or take boats (ie have roof racks), please contact Breck with how many passengers (excluding you), you have room for.

If you have a medical condition, allergy or something else that you think Breck should know about, please let him know.

Pictures: available off-site


An introduction to moving water and whitewater techniques. A day trip to the Brisbane valley to find out if whitewater is right for you.

A 2 to 4 day weekend on the Clarence river (grade 2).