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Sea Kayak trips 2009

Please check the basic trip requirements and information at the bottom of this page

Green islandSun 29 Mar 09 ()
Circumnavigate Green island in Moreton Bay

A sea kayak training day at Paradise point (Gold coast). Suitable for beginners who have been kayaking on the river.

Coochiemudlo islandSun 10 May 09 ()
Circumnavigate Coochiemudlo island (in Moreton Bay), followed by training.

Paddling up the Bribie passage from Bribie bridge to Caloundra.

New Farm Bowls paddleSun 28 Jun 09 ()
Join us for a Sunday paddle to New Farm, followed by barefoot bowls at New Farm bowls club. We will paddle in seakayaks to Merthyr bowls club, load the boats on to the trailer (which Ernst will drive up) and then walk to New Farm bowls. Someone will drive the trailer back while the others return to the University by citycat.

It is possible to only go bowling (i.e. no paddling), but you need to register with the organisers for this as well.

Date: Sunday 28th June, 2009
Boats: Sea kayaks (only!)
Grade: 1
Meet: UQCC boat shed at ~7: 15 AM (in time to depart at 7:45 AM)
Bowls venue: 11 AM booking at New Farm bowls club
Bring: Water (2L), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm clothes & perhaps a change of (dry) clothes once you have finished paddling. Shoes for the return journey.
Cost: Money for citycat fare, bowls costs, and any refreshments/food you wish to purchase.

Contact: Ernst or Karina to register and/or more information.

Fraser Island TripFri 25 Sep 09 ()
NOTE: DATES HAVE CHANGED. This trip now starts and finishes a day earlier than originally planned. A trip along the west coast of Fraser island, and possible whale watching. For stronger paddlers only.

Moreton Bay Camping TripSat 24 Oct 09 ()
An overnight camping trip to Peel island in Moreton Bay.

Beginners Sea Kayak tripSun 22 Nov 09 ()
A sea kayak training trip at Paradise Point, on the Gold Coast.