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General: May 2004 Archives

It's that time again! Join us at the boat shed on Friday June 4 for a BBQ. Food and softdrink is free for all members. Kicking off at 5:30pm at going until the last person leaves, it will be a great opportunity to meet other club members and have a chat about past or future trips.

It's that time again! Join us at the boat shed on Friday June 25 for our end of semester BBQ. Food and softdrink will be supplied free of charge for all members.

Every Saturday morning at 7:30 am members can come down for a social paddle and also receive quality instruction from our new club instructor.

The club BBQ is now available at no cost for members to use at the boat shed. If you would like to get together with some fellow members for a BBQ by the river, let the equipment officer know when you would like to book it for and it is all yours! The BBQ cannot however, be removed from the boat shed area.

General news is almost up and running. Remember that there is still one space left for the next paddle weekend!!!