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Night Paddle to Southbank

Saturday, 27 October 2018
A night paddle to Southbank and back.

Full Details
Paddling safe
Paddling at night has extra dangers. You must have adequate lights (it is critical that other boats see you easily from a distance). Basic lights consist of a front white light (e.g. head torch) and a rear WHITE light. Glo-sticks alone or one unidirectional light are not sufficient (but a good addition to your PFD). Red bike lights are not acceptable. Bring warm gear in case it is cold.

Remember - NO GLOW = NO GO!
  • Lights! - front and back and bright and white (spare batteries too)
  • PFD - you will be required to wear a PFD at all times
  • Group - we need to keep together as a group
  • Sides - we need to stay to the sides of the river as much as practical to reduce exposure to other (bigger) boats.
  • Warm gear - it may be cold... bring sufficient warm gear. Keep additional dry gear in your backpack/car in case you get wet!
Remember there are warm showers and a changing area in the shed complex.

Outline Plan to be posted

Paddle type: Flatwater
Duration: ~3-4 hours
Grade: 1
Meeting time: TBA
Distance: 7-14 km (depending on speed, time, and ability)
Location: University of Queensland building 30 - UQ Canoe club boat shed
Address: North river end of Sir William MacGregor Drive, St. Lucia


Register with: Steff
Leader Email Address Location: Inductors' Contacts Page
Register by: 26-10-2018
Event ID: 181027F