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Telluride Mountainfilm Event

Thursday, 16 March 2017
Join club members attending a film festival this Thursday. The club has arranged tickets at a much reduced price

Full Details
This is a festival of high energy films, people, stories and ideas that celebrates indomitable spirit, educates and inspires audiences, and motivates individuals and communities to advance solutions for a liveable world.

Main website: https://www.mountainfilm.org
Info about local event: via Facebook

Location: Hawthorne Movie Theatre, Brisbane
Tickets: Buy online. The club is arranging cheap tickets for members. Please contact Irina for the keyword that gives us a reduced price ticket ($15 each) before buying online. She will also help you contact others so you can arrange transport if this is an issue (please organise beforehand).

Show starts at 7 PM
Meet (Shed) at 6 PM (organise lifts with other members before this - don't just turn up hoping! :)
Meet (Hawthorne theatre) at 6: 30 PM
Club contact: Irina