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Trips planned for the semester

The club is organising a number of trips over second semester. These will be posted online as the dates are finalised.
  • Brunswick River - Mullumbimby to Brunswick Heads (for a pub lunch) and back
  • Coomera Island - Circumnavigate Coomera island in the Southern Moreton Bay / Gold Coast
  • Noosa River - Explore the Noosa river and sea kayak training (Weekend trip)
  • North Stradbroke Island - Dunwich/Blakesleys/Peel island (weekend trip)
  • Tweed River - Day trip exploring parts of the Tweed river
  • South Stradbroke Island - a day trip to Tipplers, Swan Bay, or the Bedrooms
  • Bribie island - Grade 2 training/assessment
  • St. Helena island - Day trip in Moreton Bay
  • Barefoot Bowls Paddle - a social Paddle to Newfarm followed by barefoot lawn bowls
Others events to be scheduled during the semester.