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Peel island from Victoria Point

Saturday, 24 May 2014
Paddle from Victoria point to Peel island and back for the day.

Full Details

We would paddle with the tide, heading north east to Peel island, and then home stopping on the south side of Coochiemudlo island in the afternoon. This is a great classic trip stopping at Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island. It is a beautiful location, and very popular anchorage for its sheltered bay with clear water and white sand. Alternative is from Cleveland (but the tides are not favourable).

Peel Island is a scenic National Park in the Moreton Bay Marine Park with a beach and wrecks to explore (Platypus bay). As visitors for the day, please enjoy but respect your surrounds. We will spend a couple of hours having lunch and exploring the area - so bring some walking shoes.

Our sea kayak trip takes place in a fairly sheltered part of Moreton Bay, but as it is a bay environment things can change at a moment's notice. Also the distance will be approximately 21 km, so it is recommended that participants have some paddling experience and a moderate fitness level.

Discipline: Sea Kayaking
Grade: 1 (though the distance is slightly longer there is tidal assist in both directions).
Date: Sat 24th May 2014
Distance: 21km (10km there and 11km back).
Tides (Brisbane bar): 5:37 (H); 12.14pm (low); 6:30PM (High) (~tides for Cleveland/Peel/Dunwich are 5:54AM (H); 12:24 PM (low); 6:47PM (H)
Moon: a few days after half moon
Sunrise/Set: 06:26AM / 17:03 PM
Duration: All Day.

Plan Outline (approx times)

  • 6:30 Meet at club shed
  • 7:00 Depart St. Lucia
  • 8:00 Arrive Victoria Point (Unpack & prebrief)
  • 8:30 (approx) On water for 10 km tide assisted paddle with rests
  • 11:00 Peel island
  • 11:00-13:30 Explore / Walk / Lunch/ Play on water/ Skills / Alternate route to Dunwich (8 km)
  • 13:30 Depart for Cleveland for 11 km tide assisted paddle with rests and stop on Coochiemudlo island
  • 16:00 Arrive Victoria Point
  • 17:00 Depart for St Lucia
  • 18:00 Unpack & Clean up
  • 18:30 Finish
Pre-meet: Load trailer (if needed) at 6:00 PM Friday 23rd May 2014 at the shed
Meet: 6.30 AM at the UQ Canoe Club to finalise gear.
Put in / Take out point: VMR boat ramp, Victoria Point

Route variation: Extra 8km trip to Dunwich and back if group suitable and time permits (stopping at Lady Loch beach or VMR due to low tide)
Alternate takeout point: Dunwich with all or weaker paddlers catching ferry to Cleveland (take boats to Cleveland on car ferry or leave them at UQ research station and/or contacts in Dunwich) if weather is too bad and return to Victoria Point is not feasible. Cars can be retrieved either by paddling from Cleveland to Victoria Point from Toondah harbour or via taxi, depending on circumstances.

Basic fitness - This trip will cater for those with basic skills and fitness. If you can kayak comfortably up river from the club to the radio mast and back at a 5km/hr rate then you should manage. This means kayaking, in a sea kayak, from the cub pontoon up to the green buoy on six mile rocks and back to the pontoon in a minimum of 70 min. There is some open water and you should be able to cope with choppy conditions and waves - especially if the wind gets up. This is not for the complete novice. Individuals must self-assess their, and their equipment's, ability to participate in this level club event and should consult the trip leader if any aspect of their suitability requires clarification.

Basic skills: Only people who have demonstrated the use of a spray deck, performed a wet exit, and undertaken an assisted (T) rescue in a sea kayaks, will be eligible for this trip. If you have not done this, please contact the leader earlier so it can be arranged beforehand.

Limit on numbers Numbers will be limited by transport, the number of people with sufficient skills and the weather. Within these coinstraints it will be first come first served with a limit of about 8-10 people.

Facilities: There are toilets available at Horseshoe bay (half way along south side) (but bring enough water for the full trip!)

Safety:- Sea kayaking on Moreton Bay can be hazardous.

  • Risks and Hazards: Sunburn, fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration, Sea sickness, cuts and bruises, Boat capsize, Boat traffic, Rough seas, Paddle related injuries, wind and current (weather), group separation, land and sea fauna.
  • Steps to reduce risk: Dress for the outdoors, Bring wind/ rain proof cag. Advise trip leader of any medical conditions beforehand. Make participants aware of boat traffic. Safety, communication, and emergency gear. Ensure all safety equipment is accessible and basic knowledge is imparted on its use. Group to stay in close configuration.
  • Safety Gear: Spare paddle, tow ropes, paddle float, compass, PFD, bailer, sea kayak with deck lines and sealed compartments, hand pumps, First aid kit, chart, torch, light stick.
  • Communications: We will carry telephone, VHF radio, whistles, flares, V-sheet, and PLB communications. We will register with the VMR prior to departure
  • Emergency Contacts:
    • VMR Victoria Point 32078717 (closes at 1700)  (primary contact)
    • VMR Raby Bay 455 0427372830 (24/7) Channels 16, 67,81,73
    • Redland Bay Coast Guard 477 3206777/ 0409874463 (closes at 1700)
  • Medical centre: Marie Rose Medical Centre, cnr Oxley Parade/Petrie St, Dunwich 34099059
  • Alternative trip: If wind and/or predicted conditions are unfavourable, we will change the trip to Paradise Point and circumnavigate Coomera Island (18 km) instead (similar to this trip).
Required equipment: Sea kayak, spray deck, paddle, paddle leash, bailer/sponge, and PFDs. Hand pump (1 per 2 kayaks) and paddle float (at least 1 per 2 kayaks)
Personal gear: Bring a picnic lunch, snacks (including ones you can eat on the water), at least 3L WATER, FOOTWEAR suitable for paddling/swimming and walking (please NO thongs (ie no flipflops)!), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, long sleeved paddling shirt, insect repellant, money, hat, swimming gear, towel, medication, wind and rain proof top (this can help if the wind gets up), warm paddle top (eg thermal top). Bring a change of warm dry clothing as you may get wet/cold.
Other equipment: Have a look at this link for equipment suggestions (this link is for a full multiday trip so use your common sense!)

Basic Costs: wear and tear contribution, petrol money for your driver, bit of cash if a ferry trip is needed ($30) although we hope this won't be necessary.

Leaders: Martin Wynne

Registration: with Martin (vice-president)
Closing date: Wed 21st May 2014

Registration: Please register your interest with Martin by email (first come first served). Please indicate -

  • your mobile phone number
  • whether you have transport (and how many people you can transport if so)
  • whether you have roof racks for kayaks (and how many kayaks you can carry if so)
  • if you can tow a trailer
  • if you have previously demonstrated a wet exit and/or T-rescue (in sea kayaks) while a member of this club
  • what your skills level is to assist planning. It will not be fun if you are not up to it.
Route Map