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Whitewater weekend - Clarence river

Saturday, 28 September 2013
A 2 to 4 day weekend on the Clarence river (grade 2).

Full Details
This trip is in the initial stages of planning. It will depart on Friday the 27th September, and take place over the Saturday and Sunday to the 29th Sep, with the potential of staying on until Tues 1st Oct. The Clarence River is grade 2 water, there is an overnight or multiday trip that we could do. There are some pools in between rapids that may be harder in smaller white water boats, but this will depend on the skill level of the group.

Details to be updated - check back.

For registration contact Kelly. Please include transport details such as whether you have a car/roof-racks/ tow bar etc and how many people / boats you can take. Also briefly include your skill level/experience (self-assessment).