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Problems viewing the web pages

Message from the web admin

The software the club uses for its website depends heavily on stylesheets. Microsoft Internet Explorer is poorly compliant with standards. Consequently IE displays the pages badly. The pages look wrong because of MS and not the web designers. Please put blame where blame is due.

The Uni of Queensland says they spend 10% of their web development time making web pages and about 90% of their time trying to get them working in Internet Explorer... This website is maintained voluntarily and we don't have the time to waste doing that (more than enough time has already been wasted trying - with some degree of compromising of the website under the hood too!). UQ has to get their pages working in IE, but we don't. Please support web designers everywhere and change your web browser! If enough people boycott Internet Explorer then Microsoft will have to fix the program and when they do, you can happily return to IE knowing that you'll now see the web as its makers intended. This will save an incredible amount of resources around the world that could be used for much more useful things (resources we ultimately pay for). It's much less costly just to have users switch browsers (why should we be expected to spend ages trying to fix it for people who aren't prepared to spend a few minutes switching?)

I suggest using a webkit based browser. This is the engine used by Safari (macs, PCs, iphone, iPad, etc), Chrome (mac & PCs), and browsers (Omniweb, iCab, etc). Webkit runs on various operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, various Unix OS (BSD, linux), Symbian (Nokia), Blackberry, Kindle, and webOS (Palm/HP)). A list of webkit based browsers can be found here. There are plenty of good free non-IE browsers available for Mac & PC (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more)

Some IE problems -

In IE 7 the page content appears down the bottom of the page (so scroll down).

In IE 8 it was improved, but some of the main page contents are barely legible (increase the font size to help).

If any club volunteers that have the expertise and want to spend the time getting things to work properly in Internet Explorer are welcome to contact the club web admin in this regard, although we'd rather you donate your time to the club doing more useful things!)...