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Xmas dinner & get together

Tuesday, 18 November 2008
An end of year Christmas get-together is planned at the Jazbar. This is also a chance to farewell Dave and Marj and thank them for their many contributions to the club.

Full Details
We are booked to have the club dinner on Tuesday evening, the 18th November at the Jazbar in Toowong (an "off" week for polo). This is near the Uni, and close to the RE/Regata for some after dinner socialising.

We plan to take advantage of the $25 Tuesday deal. It's one bill per table, so to make things a lot easier please be sure to lodge your $25 to James at the beginning of the evening when you arrive.

Please don't be late as they only take orders for this special at particular times.

Venue: www.jazbar.com.au
Location: map to the jazbar.
Menu: $25 Tuesday deal
Cost: $25 plus drinks/taxi etc (especially if going to the RE/Regatta etc afterwards)
Date: Tuesday 18 Nov 2008
Meet: *BY* 6:30 PM sharp!

Please RSVP to James as soon as possible to let him know if you can come.

Check back here for any updates