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Brunswick River weekend

Saturday, 13 September 2008
A weekend trip exploring the Brunswick river and creeks near Brunswick Heads NSW (North of Byron bay).

Full Details
Brunswick Heads is situated north of Byron Bay in NSW. There is a main river, navigable for 10 km to Mullimbimby. There are two creeks entering close to the river mouth. They are navigable for 9 to 10 km, but not at low tide. Marshall's Creek may benavigable to Billinudgel, and Simpsons Creek to Tyagarah.

Saturday AM
We will meet at the club shed at 6 AM with a view to departing at 7 AM, and being on the water at Billinudgel by 10 AM. We will take one car to Brunswick Heads and leave it there. Kayak from Bullinudgel to Brunswick Heads (10 km) with the outgoing tide. Retrieve cars and set up camp.


Saturday PM.
Deposit cars/trailer at Mullimbimby. Kayak from Brunswick Heads to Mullimbimby (10 km) with the tide. Keen kayakers can kayak back against the tide. Return to camp site.

Sunday AM.
Kayak up Simpsons Creek and back (up to 20 km). Lunch and explore Brunswick heads before departing for Brisbane. We will see if we can arrange for a late check out.

Note: The schedule is tentative and will depend on the skills of the kayakers. We should have enough leaders to break into smaller groups and cater for all levels and different types of kayak If weather permits, and suitable leaders are available, then more advanced sea kayakers may exit the mouth and do a sea paddle. Camping
The camp site is situated on the river with a beach to launch from. It is close to the fish co-op and there are shops in the town.

The river trip is a low risk paddle. The Brunswick bar has a bad reputation.

Emergency Contact: To be supplied later
Grade: 1-2
Time: Saturday 13th September 2008 - Meet at club shed at 6am
Duration: 2 days.
Distance: Day 1 will do 10 to 20 km. Day 2 up to 20 km.
Paddle type: Flatwater and Sea kayaking


  • Basic fitness - Although this trip will cater for relative beginners, some basic skills and fitness are required. It is intended as a social weekend, catering for all levels.
  • Basic skills. Basic paddling skills are required.
  • Equipment: Sea kayaks, Roscos and TKs, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof. Camping and cooking gear. Take 2 litre of water on each paddle.
Basic Costs: If you can afford it, a donation towards kayak upkeep. Camping fees. Contribution for petrol.
Meet: 6 AM at the UQ Canoe Club to load kayaks. Depart before 7 AM
Tides: Saturday: High at 8.46 AM. Low at 12.48 PM. Sunday: High at 9.25 AM. Low at 1.32 PM.
Registration: Please register your interest with Michael at "seakayaking" followed by"@uqcanoeclub.net" by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks.

Leaders: Peter Kilby and Michael Wynne
Contact: "seakayaking" followed by "@uqcanoeclub.net"