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General working Bee - Sat 2 Aug 08

Saturday, 02 August 2008
It's time to repair collected wear and tear on the club boats, and get them ship-shape for the semester (especially for trips!). So please come along and help keep the club functioning, active, and together!

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We all use the boats, so please come along and "do your bit" to help keep the boats safe and functional for all. Even if you don't know much, it's a good chance to learn some boat maintenance, socialise and meet other club members.

Please write any problems you've come across on the equipment maintenance form (hanging on the shed's noticeboard) so we know what to fix, and/or email the equipment officer.

If you have any special skills (boat building, fibreglassing, etc), then please let us know - and please come along!

Some food will be supplied to keep the fires burning.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2008
Time: 7:30 AM (till about noon)
Meet: UQCC shed