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Bribie-Mooloolaba wkend G2

Saturday, 16 August 2008
A more advanced surf trip around the outside of Bribie island, and north to Mooloolaba. For grade 2 paddlers only.

Full Details
This is an overnight trip from Caloundra to Mooloolaba. The trip crosses the Caloundra bar, and camps on the surf side of Bribie island before heading north to Mooloolaba. There are several surf landings and departures.

The trip is not a beginners trip and requires a bit of skill and fitness to come along, so it will not be open to any club members. We will be paddling through surf on both days.

Grade: 2
Duration: 2 days (Sat 16 Aug and Sun 17 Aug)

  • Day 1 - Golden Beach (Caloundra) to Ocean Beach (Bribie Island)
    Distance: 12 km (approx)
    We will start at Golden Beach and have a cruisey paddle to the Caloundra Bar. We will then paddle through the Caloundra Bar (surf) and out into the ocean. Then turning south we will head down Bribie Island to the Ocean Beach Camp Site. There will be a surf landing and we should be there for a late lunch. The afternoon people can do skills in the surf, more paddling down the Island or walks on the island. The afternoon will be pretty free.
  • Day 2 - Ocean Beach (Bribie Island) to Mooloolaba
    Distance: 28 km (approx)
    We will have an early start and paddle out through the surf, and then turn North and head around Caloundra point and past Shelley beach and have early lunch at Moffat beach at Caloundra. This is a protected beach but there may be some small surf to negotiate. After this break we will then paddle out again and go North and up the ocean beaches to Point Cartwright. We will paddle around the point and into the Mooloola river and get out (no surf Landing).
The majority of this paddling will be in the ocean with a loaded sea kayak and some will be into the tides (unavoidable). Apart from the points we are getting out there are no real easy exit points. We will also need to be paddling at 4 k/h minimum (faster is better). I don't want to have to push people so please make sure you are fit enough.

If the surf is too big, the trip will be cancelled.

Camping is at Ocean beach at the QLD Parks and Wildlife sites. There are toilets there but we will have to bring our own water. There are no fires allowed and stoves must be brought for cooking meals. I have booked 2 camp site and this should be enough for the group.

Donation to the drivers for fuel, Donation to the club, Whatever food you are bringing, $4.50 for camping fees.

If you have any questions please let me know or you want to come please let me know.

Contact: Dave Loveridge