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Boondall Wetlands

Saturday, 07 June 2008
An interesting paddle in the Boondall wetlands and the edge of Moreton Bay. There is lots of birdlife and very interesting paddling.

Full Details
This trip will be take about 4-5 hours including breaks. We will depart from Shorncliffe on Cabbage Tree Creek. Drive along Allpass Pde to a good spot.

We will cross Cabbage Tree Creek and paddle up Nundah Creek for about 2 km then, depending on weather conditions, we will port the kayaks to Nudgee Creek. If conditions are good we will exit Nudgee Creek mouth and paddle along the coast towards Brisbane river mouth. We will return to our starting point for lunch entering Cabbage Tree Creek close to high tide. Bring sandwiches or there is a fish takeaway co-operative in Shornecliffe.

We will finish the day by exploring Cabbage Tree Creek and doing some rescue and stroke practice, with an early return home.

Safety: Sea kayaking on Moreton Bay can be hazardous, particularly in river mouths with an outgoing tide. Because this is an introduction for sea kayak beginners we will exit the creek before the tide goes out and will paddle across shallow water over the sand banks along the edge of the bay. We will return before the tide runs out. If conditions are unfavourable we will explore Nundah and Cabbage Tree Creek and not go onto the bay.

Emergency Contact: VMR Sandgate Ph 32698888
Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Grade: 1
Time: Saturday 7 June 2008 Meet at clubhouse at 7.15 am
Duration: All Day. We will plan to be on the water before 9 am, have plenty of rests and be off the water before 3pm and back at the shed by 5pm.
Distance: 15km. We will be looking at a total distance of around 15 km or more if everyone is coping well. This is a pleasure outing.


  • Basic fitness . Although this trip will cater for beginners, some basic skills and some fitness by kayaking on the river are required. If you can kayak comfortably up river from the club to the green boy on the rocks and back at a reasonable rate then you should manage.
  • Basic skills. You must have already attended a basic skills training session at the St Lucia Shed. Only those who have demonstrated that they can use a skirt, do a wet exit, and an assisted rescue will be taken onto Moreton Bay.
  • Equipment: Sea kayaks, skirts, paddle leashes, bailers and PFDs are required. Bring snacks, at least 2L WATER, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof top and change of clothing as you will get wet.
Basic Costs: Money for Lunch (or bring your own) about $10. Money to donate for kayak upkeep if you can.
Meet: 7:15AM at the UQ Canoe Club to load kayaks. Depart before 8am and drive to Shorncliffe (near Jetty at junction Allpass Pde and Sunday Rd - Brisbane UBD Map page 9). Aim to be on the water before 9am.
Tides: High tide is at 12.16 pm so we will be kayaking with the tide much of the time.

Registration: Please register your interest with the leader by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof bars for kayaks. If you have not kayaked with the leader before please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning.

Leader: Michael Wynne
Register for trip: "seakayaking" followed by "@uqcanoeclub.net"