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Get fit paddle (Norman Creek)

Saturday, 03 May 2008
Sea kayak to Norman Creek and back. An opportunity for beginners to test themselves and build up some stamina, and also for those planning on coming on the paddle to Stradbroke Island the next weekend.

Full Details

Description: We will leave the boat shed at 12 midday and paddle down river with the tide and through the city, under the Story Bridge to Norman Creek arriving about 2pm.

We will have a late picnic lunch in Heath Park on Norman Creek while the tide changes and then return the same way.

The trip is with the tide and we should be able to maintain a steady 5km per hour with perhaps one rest each way.

This is an opportunity for beginners to build up some stamina and for those planning on coming on the weekend paddle to Stradbroke Island on the 10th May to check they are up to it. As this is all with the tide I am calling it a level 1 trip.

Destination: Norman Creek
Date: Sat 3rd May 2008
Meet: 11:30 AM (at UQ canoe club shed). Depart 12:00 midday
Duration: 1 day (four hours plus 30-45 minutes for lunch. We should be off the water by 5PM
Paddle type: Sea kayaking / flatwater
Grade: 1
Distance: ~20 km (Sat)
Required equipment:
Fitness and Skills Required: Although this trip will cater for relative beginners, basic paddling skills and some fitness from kayaking on the river are required. If you have been on the river regularly you should have no difficulty.
Required equipment: Sea kayaks, bailers and PFDs are required. Bring snacks, picnic lunch, at least 2L water, sunscreen and something warm if the weather is cold. There are no shops at Heath Park.
Tides: Low tide is at 2.30 pm so we will be kayaking with the tide both ways.
Limitations: Minimum of 3 people to make it worth while.
Contact: Michael

Please register your interest with Michael by email