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February 2008 Archives

Some of the planned semester events are posted.

These include training sessions (especially for new members) in the pool and in the river. Don't miss out. Paddle times and trip information for flatwater and seakayaking is available. The polo schedule is posted. Weekly flatwater training and races have been combined in a way designed to help people improve their performances.

The dates for Canoe polo for Semester I are posted. Pool training starts 11 March 08. Polo games start on 8 April and continue fortnightly.

The semester I 2008 Pool training dates are now posted. All new and old members are encouraged to come. Don't miss out. Starts Tuesday 11 March for three semester weeks.

The website has undergone some major changes. Previous broken functions are now fixed.Check out the Tide predictions page. Please email the net admin if you find links that no longer work.